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It’ll be okay.

It takes true skill and a way with words to break up with someone, and then help them get over you. Saving yourself from hatred and spite. 

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Making my fav Pasta Dish to go with this Smoothie yumm 😋





"I create better when I’m alone. Not just alone – as no one around – but lonely… My soul is in my art and only there will you see it."  
-Brad Greek

Bro, don’t ever stop creating art.
*queues music*
forreal nigga

haaaha thanks for the encouragement brethren. damn if it wasn’t needed

word tae, don’t ever stop

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an incomplete piece from my stripper series. everyone always ask why the sadness in her eyes. well this was dedicated to an Atlanta stripper who went missing a week ago and was found murdered in the woods. she left behind a young child. Just trying to shed light on the horrors not only strippers but women face daily.

 RIP Angela Rabotte a.k.a Climax


Kristine (2014)
this was originally set out to be a self portrait of myself on acid. however I decided to dedicate it to a close friend of mine, Kristine Johnson ( who committed suicide February 4th 2014. 
Hours before she suggest I paint that background “the universe because it gives us power”….haven’t had the strength to complete it yet. rest with the cosmos my love.

Instagram Bitches (2014)

Oh my..
Suit came in this week ! I’m ready for the beach!